LUNCH SPECIALS                                                      Before 3 pm* Serve with soup or salad

1.   Vegetable or Chicken Teriyaki 6.50

2.   Salmon Teriyaki 7.50

3.   Tempura 6.50

4.   Sushi 9.00

5.   Sashimi 10.00

         6.   Udon or Soba Vegetable 6.00

            Udon or Soba Chicken 6.50

                                               Udon or Soba Shrimp 7.00    

7.   Two Roll Lunch 9.00                                                Choose any 2 rolls from each group A and  group B                                        Extra $1 if both rolls are picked from group B 


      California Roll                        Salmon Roll

      Boston Roll                            Sweet Potato Roll

      Cucumber Roll                       Avocado Roll

      Tuna Roll                               Vegetable Roll


      Spicy TunaRoll                        Eel Roll

      Spicy Salmon Roll                   Yellowtail Roll

      Tuna Special Roll                    Shrimp Tempura Roll

      Alaskan Roll                            Philadelphia Roll

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